FOUR-Man Outrigger

$4,500 – Limited-Edition: 7 total prints (4 prints remaining)

The Story:

Outrigger canoes gave adventurous tourists the ability to feel the energy of the 'rollers' that came from the Southern Hemisphere each summer in Waikiki. Wide-eyed guests would contribute minimal paddle power as their experience, bronzed steersman would navigate a 40 foot vessel around the surf. This piece not only offers a unique vantage point for the canoe of Waikiki, but highlights the dynamic contrast between the work required of the captain and that of the guests that were along for the ride.

Artwork Size:
   Art Dimensions 49.5" x 66"
   Outside Frame Dimension 53.5" x 70”


About the artwork

Golden Age of Poster Design
Technology advancements in the printing industry in the late 1700's gave way to completely new style of artwork known as stone lithography. Artists of the day could now create large-formate, artwork that could be reproduced in multi-colors by drawing on large limestone slabs. This form of printing gave way to the colorful Golden Era of poster design made popular by such artists as Jules Cheret, Toulouse-Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha. This new form of advertising created a frenzy of artwork that quickly spread throughout Europe and gave way to an astonishing array of artwork that we now recognize as a timeless mid-century modern art — where technology, art and typography converged to create truly unique works of art.

Why are there no Hawaiian vintage posters
Although this form of advertising was around for approximately 150 years – from 1780-1930 – Hawaii was still in its tourism infancy and missed the boat on large-format stone lithographic advertising. In fact, the only European-type poster that was printed in the stone lithographic style was a piece done by a Hawaiian art student in 1913 for the Mid-Pacific Carnival. Although documented, there is not a single printed example of this work available today. In addition, in 1912 a group of women, who later started The Outdoor Circle, vowed to protect Hawaii's natural beauty and eventually, in 1927, Hawaii's state legislature banned all billboards in Hawaii.

Hawaii did not miss the boat
Fortunately, some beautiful art and advertising did develop from local hotel branding and advertising. Matson, the cruise liner which carried passengers via various steam ships carried passengers all around the world to Hawaii. Their advertising captures some of the era of the early 1900's but these advertisements were brochures, advertisements, luggage stickers and menus – not large-format colorful art reflective in this work.

This work was created to share the Spirit of Aloha through large-format, fine art prints. Each piece tells a story reflective of a simpler, more romantic ear in Hawaiian history.


Artwork Size:
   Paper 49.5" x 66"
   Outside Frame Dimension 53.5" x 70”

Artwork Details:
– Limited edition, closed set of 7 Giclee prints
– Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist
– All prints include professional custom framing
– Archival mounting, UV resistent ink and UV coated
– Printed on 100% cotton, 310 gsm matte museum-grade paper
– Designed, printed, framed and shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii


About the Artist

Since the tender age of 10, Matt's artwork was all about surf culture. For kids growing up in the the Pacific, this was no confidence. For Matt, who grew up in a small farming town in central Nebraska, this was a bit extraordinary.

Matt's story begins in 3rd grade when his teacher noticed him drawing on the back of a spelling worksheet. Much to his surprise, she didn't say a word, but rather picked up his paper and walked back to her desk. As the day progressed the class came back from a hectic day of recess. Once settled, Matt noticed each student had a blank piece of paper on their desk. Mrs. Robinson asked that everyone flip over their page and began to hand out colored pencils. Instead of trashing Matt’s artwork, she praised his drawing talents and made copies of his work for each student so they could have a coloring assignment. Since this time, Matt has never stopped appreciating and creating art. Matt's full bio can be found here.

This body of work is the culmination of 20+ years of design experience, my enthusiasm for large format vintage printing and my love for the Spirit of Aloha, so unique to the islands of Hawaii.


Each print is produced in a limited-edition, closed set of 7 total prints. Each print is produced using the highest standards of archival mounting and framing and printed on 310 gsm (14 point) matte, museum-grade, Hahnemuhle paper. Each print comes with complete with a certificate of authenticity, mounting instructions and installation hardware. All orders are handled by contacting the artist directly. Mainland and international delivery is available and subject to additional shipping and handling charges. To learn more, to check availability or to order, click the link below.