Why limited Edition?

There is a vast difference between art and decor. In our 'have it your way' society, there is an abundance of 'art' available to be reproduced on everything from a t-shirts to coffee mugs. Much like stock photography, this art becomes controlled by the medium rather than the natural and most dignified expression of an artists. I believe collectable art is an expression of an artists best ability, produced in a controlled environment using the artist most natural medium. I create this work as a culmination of my last 20+ years of design experience and produce a limited amount of prints in a controlled environment to produce the the most unique work possible. For those who desire to own my artwork, I limit the number of prints to seven (7) so their work can be original and have value.

What does a closed-edition mean?

Once the series of seven (7) prints are produced and sold, they will not be reproduced again at any size or on any medium. Each piece of artwork is hand signed and numbered and comes with a letter of authenticity which acts as a promissory note that your artwork will not be reproduced in any other medium. This does not however include marketing collateral and promotion used exclusively for advertising purposes.

How is the artwork created?

The artwork is hand drawn, using layering techniques and brushes reminiscent of the tools, techniques and methods used in traditional stone lithography work, on a digital device. Each print goes through a series of tests known as artists proofs, to ensure every detail of the work is complete. Each poster is made by mixing and overlying specified ink spot colors and their screens to create a harmonious palette of colors. Each print is produced on a a 12-color giclee printer using an extremely high quality, 100% cotton, museum-grade paper. Each piece is then coated with UV resistant mix. The results are stunning, wide gamut of rich colors and dense blacks.

Can I see your work in person?

There is no better way to experience the artwork than in person. Due to the limited nature of this body of work, this artwork is not currently being represented by any gallery. For private showings or to receive large-format photos, you can contact us