This body of work is the culmination of 20+ years of design experience, my enthusiasm for large format vintage printing and my love for the spirit of Aloha, so unique to the islands of Hawaii.
— Matt Coffman

The Artist

Since the tender age of 10, Matt's artwork was all about surf culture. For kids growing up in the the Pacific, this was no confidence. For Matt, who grew up in a small farming town in central Nebraska, this was a bit extraordinary.

Matt's story begins in 3rd grade when his teacher noticed him drawing on the back of a spelling worksheet. Much to his surprise, she didn't say a word, but rather picked up his paper and walked back to her desk. As the day progressed the class came back from a hectic day of recess. Once settled, Matt noticed each student had a blank piece of paper on their desk. Mrs. Robinson asked that everyone flip over their page and began to hand out colored pencils. Instead of trashing Matt’s artwork, she praised his drawing talent and provided copies of his work for each student so they could have a coloring assignment. Since this time, Matt has never stopped appreciating and creating art.

Matt graduated from Art College in Denver Colorado in 1997. Ten years later he was inducted into the Art Institute Hall of Fame for his service through a branding and design agency called Anabliss. Matt operated his branding company for 16 years before transitioning out of the company to move to Hawaii with his family to raise his family.

Matt lives in Hawaii Kai with his wife and five (yes five) children and works from his home studio. Matt is actively involved in the community and loves to spend time observing beach culture from his surfboard. Matt's artwork revolves around the less hectic, more romantic era of the 30's and 40's. Matt loves to tell stories through his art and each piece is a glimpse into Hawaiian history and the Spirit of Aloha. 

For more information about Matt, his work or a specific piece of art, contact him here. Mahalo for reading to the end.